Myitrum Grassroots Sustainable Development Organization

  • Objectives

  •    To be able to build safe, secured and sustainable growth for economic, health, education, religion and the nation
  •    To be able to produce outstanding future leaders for the nation
  •    To be able to promote prudence and positive attitudes in the society

  • Myitrum Services

  •    Educate the local to start local credit union
  •   Facilitating all the requests coming
  •    Helping the local farmers to establish sustainable development ( short term, long term, local product market creation )
  •   Helping the local farmers get back their confiscated farmland
  •   Helping the unemployed young people find to attend professional schools
  •   Sending out young people to Oversea
  •   Facilitating link to study abroad
  •   Opening self-awareness training courses

  • Solution Methods

  •   Field Inspection and meeting with the locals
  •   Making reports and submit the documents to the government departments
  •   Finding positive approaches to solution between government and the locals
  •   Submitting reports which will incur local benefits and national benefits
  •   Finding constructive solution only within the law and order

  • Prohibitions

  •   We prohibit all the illegal works and political activities
  •   We prohibit all the acts of street protest, demonstrations or boycott to whoever asking for help to Myitrum

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Myitrum Grassroots Sustainable Development Life Organization

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