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Myitrum Grassroot Sustainalbe Development Organization started local based micro finance in 2000. It's been 19 years. Nowadays, the business has gained certain success and the implementation of micro-finance program has been well established, the members have increased in some areas. Myitrum cooperates with respective departments to find solution of some issues and difficulties which are directly reported to Myitrum. They are from Kachin State, Chin State, Shan State, Ayeyarwaddy Division, Bago Division and Yangon Division. Myitrum organizes meeting for High Diplomats and Country Leaders in peace agenda.

Myitrum Pathway

Myitrum Sustainalbe Development Organization is not financially and tecnically supported by any fund or organization. Everyone who is willing to volunteer can coorporate Myitrum.

  1. Conducting seminar and awareness traning on organize microfinance and its benefit for local people
    1. 2000 saving per a household
    2. saving is lent to members in 6 months or 1 year
    3. sell food production to members (e.g Fish, Meat, Vegetables)
    4. Allot benefits once in 6 months
    5. Set up members fund and social community fund
  2. Negotiatet and help on requested issues Issues and problems of local community are solved officially by cooperating with government department
  3. Exmample : Build bridges, renovate roads and privie sufficient electricity

  4. Building Framer Sustainable development
  5. (Long-term and short-term income, local product market price) Organize farmers talk once a year in order to report the needs of farmers to government department directcly Exavate canal, drainage, dams thhrough the help government department

  6. Solving land grabbing problem
    1. Perform land grabbing problem lawfully for farmers and process official land grant for farmers who farm for many years
    2. Report to government department directly
    3. Create better lives for farmers
  7. Creating Domestic Employment Opportunity
    1. Provide apperenticeship and skills enchancement training to build network with employer organizations that facilitate employment and improve qualification
    1. Example:
    2. Hospitality Vocational trainings at Daw Khin Kyi Foundation
    3. Gem and Jewelry training at Ministry of maintaining natural resources and environment
      Conditions of Youth in working field after training
    1. Free from parents support after getting a job
    2. Support family members
    3. Gain knowledge and awareness

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