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1. ( K ) over 16,000 of farmers coming all over from Ayeyarwady Division, Pagu Division, Magwe Division and Sagaing Division ( 2/3/2018)
1. (L) Review of Committee members on Farmers’ Symposium ( 2/3/2018 )
2. (A) Discussion on the implementation of incorporation of self-support organizations to overcome difficulties and drawbacks of farmers (A) Discussion on the needs of farmers at Zee Phyu Kone Village, Danu Phyu Township, Ayeyarwady Division ( 26/12/2017 )
2. (B) Meeting with deputy minister of planning and strategic ministry, senior officers of agricultural development bank, myanma economic bank, and national assessment department
2. ( C ) Meeting with Agricultural Development Bank to get long term loan with low interest rate ( 1/2/2018 )

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