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6 (A) Myitrum group making amicable settlement on the prosecution of business proprietors to the local farmers. Myitrum group also taking further investigations for the entire community. Geographically speaking, 10,000 acres of farm land, over 7000 villagers, 14 villages from Danu Phyu Township, Nyaung Tone Township, Pan Tanaw Township, in Ayeyarwady Division. (A) Field Investigation of Myitrum group ( 2/3/2018 )
6 ( B ) Myitrum group second time field investigation and consultation with prosecuted villagers ( 3/3/2018 )
6 (C ) meeting with head of fishery department ( 26/3/2018 )
6 (D ) Discussion with local community ( 26/3/2018 )
6 ( E ) Myitrum group field Inspection together with villagers, office staff from fishery department, survey department, administrative officers from Danu Phyu Township, Nyoung Tone Township, Pan Tanaw Township, Ma-ubin township, senators ( 3/5/2018 )

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